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Requiem & Miserere

Jomelli, N.

Il Gardellino/Van Heyghen

CD   1 disc(s)   31-01-2020

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€ 22.95
Extra info: Il Gardellino/Van Heyghen
Maatschappij: Outhere
Label: Passacaille
Barcode: 5425004840769
Artikelcode: Y78417
Suffix - prefix: 1076 PAS

Valerio Contaldo, Gaia Petrone, Daniel Johannsen, Wolf Matthias Friedrich, Miriam Feuersinger, Sebastian Myrus, Helen Charlston, Gudrun Sidonie Otto & Il Gardellino, Peter Van Heyghen

Niccolo Jommelli (1714-1774) was one of the most sought-after opera composers of his time when he was appointed Court Kapellmeister in Stuttgart in 1753. Three years later he composed a requiem in memory of the late Duchess of Wurttemberg, the mother of the patron Duke Karl Eugen. The work was to become the most famous composition written by him post mortem, as is evidenced by the almost one hundred handwritten and printed copies that have been preserved in some seventy libraries throughout Europe, including some in the USA. For their recording Peter Van Heyghen and Il Gardellino have chosen a line-up that comes closest to the premiere version.

 Missa pro Defunctis (Requiem) in E-Flat Major, HocJ A1.3
 Libera me in C Minor, HocJ E.2
 Miserere in G Minor, HocJ C1.23