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CD   7 disc(s)   27-09-2019

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Barcode: 8711801016641
Artikelcode: Y34893
Suffix - prefix: 1664 KTC

Brisk Recorder Quartet
Camerata Trajectina
Capella Mariana
Capella Sancti Michaelis
Capilla Flamenca
Currende Consort
Egidius Consort
Egidius Ensemble
Egidius Kwartet
Egidius Kwartet & College
Henry’s Eight
Huelgas Ensemble
La Caccia
Netherlands Chamber Choir
Ratas del viejo Mundo
Alice Foccroulle
Bart Rodyns
Joris Verdin
Katelijne Van Laethem
Maria-Luz Alvarez
Olle Geris
Paul Rans
Paul van den Bemt
Robert Getchell

Music from the time of Pieter Bruegel the Elder

The rich palette of colours and the overwhelming formal complexity of Bruegel’s works in their many facets is inimitably reflected in the polyphonic music of the 16th century. The interweaving of independent melodic lines is the distinguishing mark of the polyphonic style, in which each voice glories in its own individuality and is simultaneously integrated into a tightly constructed and coherent whole: the same is true for every figure, construction or element of nature in a Bruegel painting or drawing. Renaissance polyphony and Bruegel’s art share a unique expressivity that leaves no beholder or listener unmoved. Out of the inexhaustible body of polyphonic compositions, generally if not exclusively by composers from the Low Countries, we have selected one hundred and twenty-five works that, spread over seven CDs, which provide a cross-section of music from the time of Bruegel. Our choice of works was determined not only by the themes treated in Bruegel’s paintings but also by the social, political and religious spirit of the times; this would also have influenced Bruegel deeply both as an individual and as an artist.

This new 7 CD box set from Etcetera Records, available at the special price of 2CDs presents ‘Music from the era of Pieter Bruegel ‘.

Pieter Bruegel I (ca. 1525-1569), commonly known as Pieter Bruegel the Elder, was the greatest member of a large and important southern Netherlandish

family of artists active for four generations in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

A longtime resident of Antwerp, the centre of publishing in the Netherlands and a vibrant commercial capital, Bruegel brought a humanising spirit to traditional

subjects and boldly created new ones. He travelled all over Europe and after a specif trip to Italy, formed a long-standing association Hieronymus Cock.

This specially priced 7CD set provides a musical backdrop to what he would have heard as he worked and travelled across Europe. Featuring a plethora of musicians including the Egidius ensemble, Utopia, Currende, Huelgas and many others, this compilation has become a great overview of the music in the 16th century. Each CD is themed to represents different aspects of life in the 16th Century Low Countries.

CD 1: Biblical Themes
Philippus De Monte, Orlandus Lassus, Adriaan Willaert, Jacobus Clemens Non Papa A.O.

CD 2: Music from the Royal Courts
Nicolas Gombert, Thomas Crecquillon, Josquin Des Prez, Luys De Narváez, Philippe Rogier A.O.

CD 3: Death and Transience
Cornelius Canis, Philippus De Monte, Pierre De Manchicourt, Giaches De Wert, Cipriano De Rore A.O.

CD 4. Ode to Love and Celebration
Nicolas Gombert, Pierre Moulu, Jean De Castro, Orlandus Lassus, Andreas Pévernage A.O.

CD 5: The Virtue of Vice
Ivo De Vento, Arnold Von Bruck, Heinrich Isaac, Gheerkin De Hondt, Johannes Lupi A.O.

CD 6: Religious Confrontation in the Low Countries
Caspar Othmayrk, Johannes Eccard, Balduin Hoyoul, Pascal De L’estocart, Guillaume Chatillon De La Tour A.O.

CD 7: Dances and Songs
Pierre Phalèse, Tielman Susato, Jheronimus Vinders, Alexander Agricola, Ludovicus Episcopius A.O.

"Pieter Bruegel de Oude was misschien wel de belangrijkste chroniqueur van de zestiende eeuw. In schilderijen als Kinderspelen, Nederlandse spreekwoorden, De triomf van de dood en Winterlandschap met schaatsers legde hij het Hollandse leven van de late renaissance vast. Hoewel Nederland destijds vooral een schildersnatie leek, gebeurde er ook op muziekgebied heel veel. Zo eiste de laatste generatie Franco-Vlaamse polyfonisten met onder anderen Orlando di Lasso, Adriaan Willaert en Clemens non Papa internationaal de aandacht op, ontstond er door de Reformatie een behoorlijke aardverschuiving op het gebied van de religieuze muziek en zong en danste het volk gewoon wulps voort over leven, liefde, drinken en de dood. Vele bekende musici en ensembles als het Nederlands Kamerkoor, blokfluitkwartet BRISK, het Huelgas Ensemble en Camerata Trajectina hebben deze mooie erfenis van de Nederlandse renaissance op de plaat en in perspectief gezet. Gerangschikt naar thema’s is al die pracht nu bij elkaar gebracht onder de titel Muziek uit de tijd van Pieter Bruegel de Oude. Geniet van een verbluffend rijk stuk Hollandse muziekgeschiedenis en herken de nog immer aanwezige volksaard."
Klassieke Zaken Magazine 5-2019