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Salzburg Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, Yoon K. Lee

CD   1 disc(s)   01-01-1997

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Extra info: Salzburg Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, Yoon K. Lee
Status: Tweedehands - Goed
Dirigent: YOON K. LEE
Maatschappij: Outhere
Label: NAXOS
Barcode: 0730099428927
Artikelcode: 00277A
Suffix - prefix: 8553289

Bach, C P E:
 Symphony in D major, Wq. 183/1 (H663)
 Symphony in E flat major, Wq. 183/2 (H664)
 Symphony in F major, Wq. 183/3 (H665)
 Symphony in G major, Wq. 183/4 (H666)

Bach, W F:
 Sinfonia in F major, F. 67 'Dissonant'
 Sinfonia in F major

"The exhilarating CPE Bach symphonies presented here aren't the more frequently recorded, surprise-filled string symphonies of 1773 (H657-62), but the set of four for strings, flutes, oboes, bassoons and horns which Bach wrote a couple of years later. They are no less astonishing. Bewildering changes of direction, disorientating rhythmic games and unexpected solos all turn up in this nervous, excitable music, which for originality and life-force could surely only have been matched in its day by that of Haydn.
The Salzburg Chamber Philharmonic, under its founder Yoon K Lee, turns in crisp, spirited and (the odd moment of slack tuning apart) disciplined performances which do the music full justice. They aren't timid about making the most of Bach's strong contrasts, although they produce them more by the release of some thunderous forte passages than by the pursuit of too many unearthly pianissimos. The overall effect is wholly convincing, and only in the symphony by Emanuel's older brother Wilhelm Friedemann – more old- fashioned and less successful as a piece – does the use of modern instruments begin to get in the way of the spirit of music. An undeniably good buy."
Gramophone Classical Music Guide 2012