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24 CAPRICES for solo violin, Op. 1



CD   1 disc(s)   11-01-2018
Classical | Violin

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Extra info: AUGUSTIN HADELICH, (violin)
Maatschappij: Warner Music
Label: Warner Classics
Barcode: 0190295728229
Artikelcode: T59209
Suffix - prefix: 10332
Instrument(en): VIOLIN

Augustin Hadelich (violin)

The elegant, but impassioned musicianship of Augustin Hadelich evokes the violinists of the ‘golden age’ of the early and mid-20th century. Winner in 2015 of the inaugural Warner Music Prize, Hadelich now releases his first recording for Warner Classics: Paganini’s 24 Caprices for solo violin. These works of proverbial virtuosity were conceived by the flamboyant Nicolò Paganini to test and showcase every aspect of a violinist’s skills. As Gramophone has written, Hadelich “meets and surmounts all obstacles, yet it's not technical wizardry that most impresses but his musicianship.”

Paganini: Caprices for solo violin, Op. 1 Nos. 1-24:
 No. 1 in E major 'The Arpeggio'
 No. 2 in B minor
 No. 3 in E minor
 No. 4 in C minor
 No. 5 in A minor
 No. 6 in G minor
 No. 7 in A minor
 No. 8 in E flat major
 No. 9 in E major 'The Hunt'
 No. 10 in G minor
 No. 11 in C major
 No. 12 in A flat major
 No. 13 in B flat major
 No. 14 in E flat major
 No. 15 in E minor
 No. 16 in G minor
 No. 17 in E flat major
 No. 18 in C major
 No. 19 in E flat major
 No. 20 in D major
 No. 21 in A major
 No. 22 in F major
 No. 23 in E flat major
 No. 24 in A minor

"In No 17 in E flat, with its playful runs on the E and A strings, Hadelich sounds as if he’s challenging his rivals to have as much fun as he is having..,Then there’s the kingpin of the set, the much-varied 24th Caprice...his expressive way with slides and vibrato (which is never used with predictable consistency), his rich multiple-stops and often thrilling passagework at speed tends to incline me in his direction."
Gramophone Magazine - February 2018

"Hadelich manages to unravel Paganini’s nerve-shredding intricacies at speed while sustaining absolute tonal composure. The frankly ludicrous string-darting and hopping of No. 2 is negotiated with almost impossible smoothness and elegance…Indeed, such is Hadelich’s involvement with the purely musical aspect of these remarkable pieces that he has one almost forgetting the many thousands of notes flying pas en route."
BBC Music Magazine - March 2018 *****